• Our latest project consisted of building a much needed medical clinic in a region too poor to afford medical care. Read More >

Project Peru is a development charity focused on empowering Peruvian children through health care and education programs. The organization does so by implementing projects designed to fortify the family and community-based systems on which children's wellness and education depend. Project Peru's vision is focused on reducing the barriers to opportunity by improving access to healthcare and education for children. Freedom from illiteracy and illness restores to children the opportunities to which they are entitled and increases the likelihood that they may achieve their own goals. Project Peru's holistic understanding of its mission is based on the belief that fostering opportunity should be the means and end of development.

Project Peru empowers Peruvian children by increasing their opportunity in a trying socio-economic environment. Past projects have engaged communities to participate in education and healthcare improvement, community resource development, and awareness programs. A focus on community participation enhances the opportunity to build self-determination and project sustainability.


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